San Diego Museum of Art Meets Zines

We’ll be part of a drop-in teen evening May 13th, 6-8pm, at the San Diego Museum of Art.

This month Teen Art Cafe is riffing off the student show currently on view, “Visualizing Music.” We’ll have a mini reading room and scrap lounge, and may  be cooking up some cool take-homes.

If you want to bring a young person by you can cool your heels right outside at Panama 66.

We’ll be returning to SDMART for full-on teen zine workshop June 17th – details to follow.

Herbal Marketplace – Just Another Outreach Opportunity

We’re all about outreach. Sometimes it’s reminding the zine world that there’s life beyond the perzine, but mostly it’s introducing the wider community to the power of zines.springmarket4

One of our main target audiences the last couple of years has been herbalists. Zines and herbalism seem like the perfect match because both are based in the DIY ethic and come from within communities. We want to show folks that their knowledge can be shared in a valuable, useful way through zines.

There’s other overlaps as well, as you can see in this photos where we have our Free Fire Cider tasting station on our table with recipe cards and information about the issue of the misuse of trademarking. This happened at the San Diego Herb Guild’s Spring Marketplace this month.

Our table is always populated with a variety of herbal topics. Sharing the knowledge is where it’s at.


“Chip-In” and help us gals avoid debt

We’re going on an expedition this August to collaborate with herbalists at the New England Womens Herbal Conference in New Hampshire.

We’ll be teaching two workshops and attending the workshops of others. We’ll be sharing the power of self-publishing with herbalists and learning more about herbalism to bring back to our community and discuss in our zines.

We are a last-minute add-on, so we’re getting a generous discount on tuition in exchange for our workshops. This is a good compromise, but does leave us with some costs: travel, partial tuition, and the purchase of supplies, not to mention time away from our regular jobs. We’ve always done our work without thinking we’d be making a living at it, but we’re also having to be realistic about the costs over time for this project, so we’re finally asking for help.

We’ve set up a Chip-In, an easy-t0-use online form for receiving donations to a project.

Any amount you’d like to contribute will be gratefully accepted. No amount is too low (or to high!), the more the merrier is our motto on this.

As a special “thank you” we’re offering a limited edition custom zine about the project and our experiences to those who donate $20 or more.

If you’ve benefited from our expertise, attended a free workshop, or are just excited about the possibilities, please donate. Thanks!

Workshop: REFUGE with Eveoke Dance Theater 5/21/11

We’ve got a FREE workshop coming up San Diego!

Saturday, May 21, 2011
4:00pm – 7:00pm

Eveoke Dance Theater
2811 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

due to topic the minimum age is 15.

We’re working in collaboration with Eveoke in their community activities surrounding performances of their dance piece REFUGE. The project explores the issue of domestic and sexual abuse. The zine workshop will also explore this topic. We’ll be creating a collaborative zine to share with the community.