Workshops and Portable Zine Library for Herbalists

We’ll be teaching at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference and bringing our brand-spanking new Portable Zine Library with us.

Our zine workshop will be with the teen girls of Circle Within A Circle. Our other workshop will be how to make your own little nature journal.  We’ll have our zine library, newly built for this conference, available during breaks and meal times for folks to peruse and create.


3 thoughts on “Workshops and Portable Zine Library for Herbalists

    • The instructions are “go out and look around for what you need and put it together in a way that pleases you.” Truly, it can’t be replicated – the wheelie part came from I don’t know what, the box just happened to fit….. Creating a one-of-a-kind wonder is where it’s at!

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