All these zines are downloadable in PDF format, please consider duplex printing and check pages before printing. Can distribute widely and freely, although please cite zine if used in publication.

This section includes our two zines on workshops and networking skills.

letsdiy!LETSDIY I

Let’s DIY: Tips and Tricks on Zine Making Workshops was the first zine we compiled together as a basic “how-to” for people wanting to put together and teach zine workshops.


Let’s DIY II: Off the Page! Taking Zine Making to the Community was the second zine we created for those wanting to take the skills of networking and community building from zines to work with various communities.

This zine is all about zine archiving.

zinecapsuleZine Capsule: Zine Collecting for the Future

Zine Capsule was the result of zine collecting and management.  Kim works as an archivist and thought it would be good idea to talk about DIY Archiving for zines.  Some of the information on digital archiving is out-dated, but a new edition is in the works.  The idea of paper preservation stays the same for archiving paper on a budget!!!

*Remember when printing, you might have to do a test copy before you print a bunch.  Don’t waste paper!  You may re-post and share these links.

This zine is about community herbalism.

groundupzinewebflyerFrom the Ground Up: A New Compilation Zine on Herbalism for Everyone

Issues of class, privilege, race, and gender come into play when providing herbal care to the community, whether we’re conscious of it or not. As much as herbalists would like to have “folk medicine for the people” many people do not have access to information, clinics, plants, or plant based medicines. Class cuts across all issues when it comes to healthcare, and understanding how to best serve those who do not have financial freedom is paramount to moving toward a truly healthy community.

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